ULIŃSCY - Szkółkarstwo ozdobne - Drzewa, krzewy, rośliny
About us
Ulinscy Nursery is one of the largest and leading Polish nurseries in terms of quality, varied assortment and large parties of homogeneous nursery material. On the area of 55 ha and with almost 40 years of experience produces a wide range of ornamental plants in containers and from the open ground, in different sizes and forms.

Wide assortment…
…large equal parts

- deciduous shrubs
- coniferous trees and shrubs
- deciduous trees (trees avenue)
- Perennials
- ornamental grasses
- Climbers
- fruit plants
- heather plants

Professional service and logistics
Every year, we are doing our best to satisfy the expectations of our clients by expanding the varieties and keeping the same, very good quality of our plants.
Our experience has enabled us also to develop professional customer service.
As a member of The Polish Nursery Association as well as co-creator of the elaboration “Qualitative Recommendations” we make every effort to make the quality of our plants the feature of our nursery as well as the nursery industry in Poland.
Family nature of our company helps us meet every expectation of even the most demanding customers.
With all our passion and commitment we offer You the best combination of quality and price connected with professional service and excellent logistics.
Many customers (among others from Eastern, Central and Western Europe, Scandinavia, Turkey, Georgia, Kazakhstan or Uzbekistan) confirmed their trust in our company, as proved by the long and loyal co-operation.

One reliable business partner
Therefore, if Your company is looking for:

- plants in the best quality
- affordable and flexible prices
- professional service
- innovative logistics solutions
- reliable and experienced supplier
- friendly atmosphere
- individual customers treatment …
…so we heartily invite You to the cooperation, so we could
succeed together!